Last meet of 2018!

The mornings started out pretty chilly but turned out to be beautiful days for racers and handlers alike! Overall the weekend was fun and filled with great attitudes that made the meets and matches run smoothly with plenty of laughter. Ellen Feldheim would have had a good time at this one. Her Spirit Award went home with Deborah Bahm on Saturday and Cathy Williams on Sunday. We missed both Lennie and Ellen and their dogs this weekend, but they were in our hearts.

It was such a pleasure meeting Barb and Fran Hearley , who came down from Minnesota to run. And huge congratulations for bringing FTE Lola , to be our meet winner on Sunday! Lola earned 8 ARX points and 4 NARX POINTS THIS WEEKEND. Our meet winner on Saturday Torino eared 6 NARX points this weekend! Congratulations Debra and Maurice Bahm. ARX points went to Batman and to Cherish this weekend, who each earned 2 points toward their titles.  Cherish is owned by Marino Caro who is THE example of good sportsmanship.

Our conformation matches were thoughtfully judged by Debbie Hodges on Saturday and Erica Cowles on Sunday, thank you both you did a wonderful job. Saturday’s match winners were 1) Brooks, 2) Helga 3) Minx and 4) Trooper. High Combined was Brooks.  Sunday’s line up of : Camelot 1st, Helga 2 nd, Ticket 3rd and Brooks 4th . Huge congratulations to Brandon Brown for Camelot’s Conformation , and High Combined win on Sunday!

Thank you to everybody for all they did to help run our meets. Larry Poole on the boxes, Bob Brown on the lure machine, Brandon Brown loading dogs and all that set up work, Cathy Williams for clean and accurate scorekeeping, Barron Williams Everyone helped with judging and catching and whatever was needed. Thank you, everyone, for making our last meet of the year a great one! See you next time!

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