Race Premium

November 7th and 8th

CWA Straight Racing


Please Note COVID guidelines below. We will need a filled out waiver for all. Please either email to smartwhippet@gmail.com or bring with you to the meet


*** INSPECTION TIMES -8 am  Saturday and Sunday  

{Inspection time may be earlier if its over a 40 dog meet}

Beal Parke Topside Rd Louisville, TN


Saturday  Conformation Judge: Janis Flaherty

I have been breeding and showing english setters for over 35 years under the kennel name of Blu’Star. My husband and I were both Chicago Police Officers with the combi- nation of over 58 years of service to the city, hence the name of Blu’Star. We retired to TN in 2010. After being born are raised in Chicago for 60+ years, we moved to “God’s county” as my husband would say.
I only breed one litter every three to four years and I have bred/co-bred over 60 AKC Champion dogs, almost all being owner handled to their titles. They also have obtained numerous other titles: hunting dog, agility, obedience, rally, fast track, etc. and numerous dogs are also therapy dogs. As a breeder, my goal is to make each generation better than the last, and have every dog conform to all aspects of the breed standard.
A breeder needs to be a breed mentor, for it is no secret that the only way for our sport to survive is to be supportive of the “newbies.” We need to be welcoming to them, for no one will continue to show dogs if they feel uncomfortable and intimidated. The easiest way to cure this is by offering support where it is needed, even if it is not a dog that you bred. Simple words of encouragment, a smile, sincere words of encouragement, a con- gratulations, can make all the difference to someone who is just starting out and feels like an outsider in an environment that is increasingly dominated by professionals and us “old timers.”
I love breeding and showing dogs. I want the sport to be in better shape on the day when I’m finally too old to sleep next to the whelping box or run my dogs around the ring hop- ing to win a silly purple ribbon!


Sunday Conformation Judge: Dori Yarberry

My name is Dori Yarberry and I have been actively involved in the sport of purebred dogs since 1991. You could say purebred dogs are in my blood because my great grandmother was a breeder of German Shepherds and Border Collies in Scotland. She bred the original Rin Tin Tin. At 10 years old I attended my first AKC dog show and I was hooked. My original breed was Chihuahuas and it was through Chihuahuas that I was introduced to the Whippet (through a friend). I was blown away by their beauty and elegance. I became an instant fan. I currently own HarborMist Border Collies which I established in 2006. We have produced several successful purposefully bred Border Collies under this prefix. I look forward to judging your beautiful Whippets, thank you for this honor


Trophy Donations are welcomed and needed! Thank you!

– SMART Whippet  members: $15 first dog, $10 each additional
– Non-Members: $20 first dog, $12 each additional,
– Day of race entries $25

PRE-Entries must be received by Wednesday, September 5th  for the September 8th and 9th meet

All dogs must be pre-registered with CWA to enter.  Dogs must be box trained before being allowed to enter.  
This is for the safety of the dog and for the dogs running with them.
Practice proofing and practice for new dogs wanting to run this weekend will be held Friday afternoon as time permits.
This is no guarantee that your dog will get to practice nor is it a guarantee that they will run.

Mail entry forms and fees to Phyllis Brown 1630 Donna Dr Lenoir City, TN 37771

Please make checks payable to: SMART Whippet Racing

You can also enter ONLINE at:  https://smartwhippet.com/online-entry/
You can write a check or send Paypal your entry money to
(please add $1.50 to your entries if paying by paypal)
Email entries will be accepted mail to Smartwhippet@gmail.com with the following
information: Registered name of dog with titles,  call name, racing grade or FTE, and CWA
number.  Payment must be made to the race secretary prior to your dog being inspected.  


  Please watch for updated hotel information. My suggestion would be off Alcoa Highway as it will be the closest. 

These three are dog friendly non sketchy hotels.  

LaQuinta Alcoa 4 miles from Beal Park

Quality Inn Alcoa 5 miles from Beal Park

Red Roof Inn Papermill Rd  15miles from Beal Park

Red Roof Inn Cedar Bluff Road