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– Remember your dog(s) need CWA numbers in order to run at our Race Meets – Click here to REGISTER YOUR DOG w/ CWA

– CWA also has a list of all CWA meets across the U.S. as well as, results, Current Top 10 running and conformation, and your


current grade…follow this link to the CWA home page – The Contential Whippet Alliance


CWA has an on-line publication called LINE & LURE. Lots of articles, race results and Ads! BTW they are very inexpensive ads!

  • Last meet of 2022 is November 12th and 13th
  • Judges to be determined

My suggestion would be off Alcoa Highway as it will be the closest. 

These three are dog friendly hotels. 


LaQuinta Alcoa 4 miles from Beal Park

Red Roof Cedar Bluff  12 miles from Beal Park

Quality Inn Alcoa 5 miles from Beal Park

Red Roof Inn Papermill Rd  15miles from Beal Park