Hot running in September!

It was a very HOT TN early fall meet. Saturday we had 27 adults and 4 puppies. Saturday match winner under Kitty Williams and high combined both days was Ember. Sunday match winner was Horton under Cindy. Meet winner both days was Torino. Saturday match placements were Ember, Helga, Minnie and Horton. Sunday was Horton, Minx, Ember and Minnie. Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Kitty and Cindy for judging our match.

We all survived the high heat and humidity with fans, pop ups and lots of water.  The most wonderful thing about where our meet is, is the lake! Along with the provided spray jugs and baby pool, the dog’s also could go swim in the lake. At the end of the day we would do a group swim with them to finish off a exciting day of racing. 

As always, we thank everyone for coming. We have the greatest group that comes here. We are looking forward to getting many more new people involved in the area. 

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