Get ready for our June 3rd and 4th meet!

We are so looking forward to having a great turnout for June!  There will be breakfast items and lunch on the field. Please enter early so we can be prepared. We are still getting the hang of running a meet. The earlier you enter, the better we will do.  

Please bring shade!! EZ ups are a must at this site. There is no natural shade available.  This site does not allow for motorhomes. There is a campground down the way, but you will need to tow a car. I realize this is a real pain, but it is a public park and these are the rules we must abide by.  We do ask everyone pick up after their dogs and themselves.  I know everyone will, but again, we are being allowed to use this space generously by the town of Louisville. 

The track is wonderful and the site is gorgeous. Please come join us!  

Friendly meet a wonderful success!!!

It was a beautiful day at Beal Park with great friends, both new and old. The meet ran perfectly and all had a great time. We are ready for our real meet June 3rd and 4th!

Here are some photos and results:

Meet winner:  Stannis “FC Shannon Down Ours Is The Fury  SC, FCh, OTR, PR, ARX”  Bred by Shannon & Krystal Lyons, owned by Ellen Feldheim

High Combined: Helga “UKC CH, US CH Aperture Go Big or Go Home  THD, CGC, SC”   Bred and owned by Julie Poole

Match Winner: Ginger “Cherche’ Hycks Hollow Kiss My Grits”  Bred by Chris  Durance-Watkins & Crystal McNulty and owned by David Watkins  & Chris  Durance-Watkins

Match Placements:  Ginger, Helga, Minnie and Brooks

Turtle winner was Frodo, who was a FTE at 7.5 years old 🙂 GCH Sugarrun Jazzy Blue Note bred and owned by Dave and Erica Cowles


Enjoy some of the meet photos!


May 13th Friendly meet at 10:00am

Join us on Saturday the 13th at 10am for our first run through meet! Ellen Feldheim is the conformation judge.  It will be a fun and relaxed day of racing.  We are gearing up for our June 3rd and 4th meet which will be our first real meet! Cannnot wait to see everyone!  Please send in your entries via the online entry page. Doing our best to get the tags made up. Thank you and hope to see you!